Prince English Solution

I founded Prince English Solution in the month of january, year 2009. The main reason I founded PRINCE ENGLISH SOLUTION is because since childhood days, I really liked World Education, and since I was small I had strong goals to become an enterpreneur. One of the keys to being a successful enterpreneur at the time I thought was mastery of a foreign language, specifically in English, and since I was at school I had already started to teach.


The Birth
of Prince English Solution

My house was exactly behind a school and every day I would always hear all the commotion and loud noises of the school where many students were not able to learn because there were no teachers; that was the time I decided to start teaching as a voluntary teacher, without salary.
Then I had the idea to create an educational institution called PRINCE ENGLISH SOLUTION; dozens of Business Plans I made and offered to investors at that time, but not a single investor was interested and willing to invest.

I did not let myself feel desperate, in 2009 equipped with a capital of USD 50, I rented a small room and thanks to my strong belief now PRINCE ENGLISH SOLUTION continues to develop 1000 students, and this year 2015 PRINCE ENGLISH SOLUTION under PT. International Media Education has signed a new MoU symbolizing a working agreement DynEd International. Our target for 2017 is to be able to help 1 million students be fluent in English.

Our Vision

Prince English Solution under PT. International Media Education Indonesia

Create jobs to the greatest possible extent

Help improve the welfare of the Indonesian people and the world

Able to contribute to the Indonesian economy to achieve its future goals to envolve from a developing country to become a developed country

Change the World

To realize the above-mentioned vision, in 2014 we established YAYASAN PENDIDIKAN INDONESIA MANDIRI UNTUK DUNIA (INDONESIA INDEPENDENT EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR THE WORLD) as our vessel in running social activities and provider of Formal Education.

YAYASAN PENDIDIKAN INDONESIA MANDIRI UNTUK DUNIA in carrying out its activities does not receive funding from the Government, except for the private sector. However, we intend to help the government in educating the Nation and the World.

Long-Term Goals

To have International standard network of private schools and spread throughout the regions of Indonesia and in the World’s Poor Countries where both the poor and the rich are able to receive the same quality of education.

To have one of the largest universities in Asia.

To have a training and research center where scientists from around the world can gather to discuss and create useful work for the World.

The private sector and the philanthropists, who have the same vision with us, are open to cooperate and jointly promote Indonesia’s education for a better world by contacting me at:

Investment and Business

We would like to invite prospective investors who have concerns and care about the well-being of our educational development. We will ensure that the education business is a very prospective business given the huge amount of the Indonesian population at about 250 million, which will continue to increase; making it a massive market for education, especially for Business English.

The few opportunities that we want to offer, among others,


SHORT TERM (2015 - 2016)

We plan to open 20 New Centers within the Greater Jakarta area

MEDIUM TERM (2016 - 2030)

We plan to open 300 Centers for the whole of Indonesia

LONG TERM (2030 - 2050)

We will have 600 Centers throughout Indonesia

And further ahead, we are open to possibilities in developing the educational business such as opening educational stores and other that are supported by professional and capable management; we are confident this business will continue to grow.

Why Should You Choose Education
and Prince English Solution

Education is a main necessity

Education Business is anti-crisis

Education Business has a lower risk

With proven system in place, you do not need to be involved directly; just leave the business for us to handle

“I’m sure out there are so many people who have a lot of money but do not know how to invest, we are the answer.”
“Your money will continue to grow and provide benefits for others.“
(Suganda Hasyim – Ceo & Founder Prince English Solution)

For more information:

“If it’s true on Mars that there is life, we want to be the first to open a school there, because education is important to them.”
Suganda Hashim